METIS Wrapper


Wrappers of METIS graph partitioning functions.

node_nested_dissection(G[, weight, options]) Compute a node ordering of a graph that reduces fill when the Laplacian matrix of the graph is LU factorized.
partition(G, nparts[, node_weight, ...]) Partition a graph using multilevel recursive bisection or multilevel multiway partitioning.
vertex_separator(G[, weight, options]) Compute a vertex separator that bisects a graph.


MetisPType Partitioning method.
MetisObjType Type of objective.
MetisCType Catching scheme to be used during coarsening.
MetisIPType Algorithm used during initial partitioning.
MetisRType Algorithm used for refinement.
MetisNumbering Numbering scheme is used for the adjacency structure of a graph or the element-node structure of a mesh.
MetisDbgLvl Amount of progress/debugging information will be printed during the execution of the algorithms.


MetisOptions(**kwargs) Options controlling behaviors of METIS algorithms.