class nxmetis.types.MetisOptions(**kwargs)[source]

Options controlling behaviors of METIS algorithms.


Initializes a MetisOptions object. Values can be provided for some parameters as arguments.


>>> options = MetisOptions(ncuts=2, niter=100)


__init__(**kwargs) Initializes a MetisOptions object.


ccorder A boolean to detect & order connected components separately.
compress A boolean to compress graph prior to ordering.
contig A boolean to create contigous partitions.
ctype Matching scheme to be used during coarsening.
dbglvl Amount of progress/debugging information will be printed during the execution of the algorithms.
iptype Algorithm used during initial partitioning.
minconn Number of mimimum connectivity.
ncuts Number of cuts.
niter Number of refinement iterations.
no2hop A boolean to perform a 2-hop matching.
nseps Number of separators.
numbering Numbering scheme is used for the adjacency structure of a graph or the element-node structure of a mesh.
objtype Type of objective.
pfactor Prunning factor for high degree vertices.
ptype Types of Partitioning method.
rtype Algorithm used for refinement.
seed Random number seed.
ufactor User-supplied ufactor.